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Echo's Children

Echo's Children was an acoustic filk and folk music duo that performed mostly at science fiction conventions. They wrote, arranged, and performed original songs about everything from space flight, computers and cats to the SCA, RPGs and the environment.


Echo's Children produced 4 CDs in their time as a duet:

There is an Echo's Children songbook available for those who like to sing ad play. It includes lyrics for most of their songs, even thoe ones that didn't make it onto a CD, as well lead sheets for quite a number of songs.

If you never listen through all 4 of the CDs, I highly recommend at least these songs:

  1. My Planet's Child
  2. How Far Back Does Music Go?
  3. Let it Go
  4. John Talos' Canon

What the heck is filk music?

I'm glad you asked...

Filk music - Noun (from Wikipedia)
as a noun, referring either to the genre (thus equivalent to "filk music") or to a filk song. It can also be used to refer to a gathering with the primary purpose of singing filk songs. Such a gathering held in someone's home is called a housefilk.
Filking - Verb
(intransitive) To participate in filk singing, not necessarily as a planned or organized event, as in, "We were filking last night until three in the morning
(transitive) To write a filk music parody of an existing song, humorous or otherwise, as in "I filked 'Hope Eyrie'." When used in this way, "filk" does not imply that all song parodies are considered filk music, nor does it imply that all filk songs are parodies.